Susan Mellentine

[email protected]

Maggie Riggs

VP of Program
[email protected]

Larry Long

Larry Long, VP of Development
[email protected]

Bailey Simpson

Bailey Simpson, VP of Community Outreach
[email protected]

Jacob Pemberton

VP of Think Big Operations
[email protected]

2021 Board

Ty Alexander, since August 2016

Angela Blevins, since September 2017

Mike Branstetter, since April 2019

Courtney Brown, since February 2015

Brandy Buckler, since January 2016

Jamie Dopp, since November 2015

Chuck Dow, since April 2020

Nate Dunville, since January 2018

Barb Economon, since September 2019

Casondra Harris, since April 2020

Stan Jinks, since August 2016

Lacy Martin, since November 2015

Stephanie Murphy, since August 2015

Andy Peebles, since April 2018

Justyn Pippins, since April 2020

Brian Riedy, since April 2019

Jennifer Charleston, February 2021

Ryan Sanders, since March 2020

Adam Toth, since November 2015

Christopher Weiss, since January 2014