The Importance of Mentoring

Our mission is to help all children achieve their maximum potential. Increasingly, children who face adversity are experiencing an achievement gap that challenges their ability to do that. By providing one-to-one mentoring relationships, we can help level the playing field and close that gap.

The effects associated with mentoring can be life changing for our children. Here are five areas we see the most impact:


Studies show that children who have positive adult role models exhibit increased good behavior. Children who receive mentors who consistently offer support and encouragement are shown to behave better in school and at home. They also set higher goals for their future.

Mental health

Mental health also improves with the addition of a mentor. Support, encouragement and validation positively impacts a child’s sense of self-worth, while regular activities promote healthy brain development and learning.


A child’s interpersonal relations with family and friends can also improve when they are able to spend time with a positive mentor.


With the support of a mentor, children tend to focus harder on school and show a wider array of extracurricular interests.

Life achievements

Children who have grown up with mentors are more likely to be leaders in their communities, have higher academic scores, and are more likely to have opportunities for college.

Currently, we have more than 130 waiting for their Bigs … waiting for a friendship that can not only change their lives but also the future of our community.

Help us reach our goal to eliminate the waiting list this year by sharing this post, requesting a BBBSO speaker come to your office or organization to make a presentation, or taking the first step to becoming a Big by attending one of our upcoming orientations.

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