Being a Big is This Simple. Seriously.

Change where you eat lunch once a week, have a movie buddy, or hang out at OTC for an hour.

BIG Impact

Tevon and Brandon hit their one year match anniversary on December 16, 2016. When Tevon’s mom brought him to BBBS to get a Big Brother, he was struggling with behavior issues at school centered around his inability to articulate his emotions and feelings during altercations with his peers. He had been suspended from school several times, and his mom was worried this reputation would affect him harshly as a young African American male, and she did not want him to be stigmatized or stereotyped by these actions. She wanted Tevon to have a positive influence in his life who could help teach him how to handle his emotions appropriately. Tevon’s Big Brother, Brandon, can relate to Tevon when it comes to the struggles of being a young African American male. Brandon didn’t grow up with many positive male influences and felt that it was part of his responsibility as a successful black man to show other black males that they can be vulnerable, educated, and successful in life. Over the last year, Brandon has worked with Tevon on the difference between right and wrong, respect, and how to voice his feelings and opinions in a productive way. Tevon said, “Brandon has taught me to just do good things in my life. Brandon is always talking to me about right and wrong, and I think he's shown me that it's better to do more things that are right instead of wrong.”  Tevon’s grades and school performance have also vastly improved since he and Brandon were first matched a year ago. When Tevon first enrolled with Big Brothers Big Sisters, his grades were Bs and Cs, and he was getting suspended from school all the time; flash forward a year later, after having a positive male role model in his life, and Tevon’s grades are As and Bs.